Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies."
                                  --Gene Hill
This page was last updated: May 24, 2020
 Available Litters:
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Welcome Friends To:
Going Faaaast!!

Some things you can be thinking about so you are ready to bring your puppy home.
-puppy food (Life's Abundance) which you can order right from my food page
-a crate or kennel to keep your puppy safe when you are gone or at night while in bed
-an adjustable collar with an ID tag
-toys and chew bones

these are just the basics to get you started!
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Scroll to the bottom to find out if you made the summer list!

If you don't see your name you will be on the fall list. There is a chance I may be selling my Uncles pups that are fathered by Frank too but wont know for a few weeks so there is still a chance you may get a pup from those this summer.

Freidas puppies are doing great! Growing fast and are strong buggers!!
Their eyes and ears should be opening up soon. ​

Flora's Puppies are also doing great! All very strong and growing like weeds.
She loves her babies and is a great mom.

Willow had her puppies! She and her babies are doing great! She also had a big litter and all seem strong and are thriving.

Jersey is doing great with her puppies as well. She's a great Mom and we are all enjoying this surprise she gave us.

 If you have questions...I try not to do texting and phone calls and just email due to it takes away too much time from family.
Looking forward to puppy fun!


1. Suzie W.
2. Mike and Amber K.
3. Bryan and Gwen P.
4. Traci B.
5. Jeff and Denise S.
6. Tom G.
7. Karen B.
8. Mary W.
9. Mark H.
10. Dave and Terry S.
11. Jim D.
12. Shannon A.
13. Erin S.
14. Lauren B.
15. Chad and Rachel M.


1. .Robyn and Todd S.
2. Ken B.
3. Ryan and Janell S.
4. Andy L.
5. Beth T.
6. Lori and Jason B.
7. Jason T.
8. Josh P.
9. Alex G.
10. Alex K. and Tara
11. Leah E.
12. Lon C.
13. David M.
14. Mike and Darbie
15. Gabe G.
16. Nick R.
17. Jodi B.
18. Melissa Z.
19. Mark and Brit G.
20. Andrew and Kim D.
21. Christine O.
22. Ryan M.